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Aurielle is a cream colored fiebird with aprokot tufts. She makes her first apperence in Fire World when she closes time rifts. Her last apperencne is in The Fire Ascending.

Fire WorldEdit

Aurielle first starts out as an unamed character and she closes a rift over David. When the timeshift happens she is affected and she ages. She finds Davids tear and in it was a firebird flame. She also finds a braclet of flowers and an egg in the deadlands. The timeshift causes the egg to absorb the firetear and flowers. After the fire in the librarium Rosa is able to talk to the firebirds and wants to bring David and Rosa up to floor 108. to show them the tapersty of Izenfier and their unknown colones on Earth. She does not appear after the librarium turns into an ark and her talons get caught in the tasersty and change it.

The Fire AscendingEdit

She appears again after Agawin falls off the cliff a second time. SH eallowes him to be reborn into Alexa, the angel child. This is her last apperence.