Caractacus is a large crow living in Wayward Crescent. In The Fire Within, Caractacus wants revenge for thinking that Conker ate his eggs, so he clawed Conker's eye after losing one of his toes from Conker biting it. Later in the book, when David is writing Snigger and the Nutbeast, Caractacus attacks Snigger and Conker. He is not involved with the story after that until Fire Star, where David sees Caractacus, and sends him off to the Arctic with a message to Zanna; "Just tell her I love her". Caractacus passes the word on to ravens to the north. Tootega mistakes the raven for Gwilanna's raven form, who is haunting him, so he shoots and kills it. Zanna tries to tend to it, and sees the message left by David.

In The Fire Eternal, Brother Vincent, after comingling with the Fain, summons Caractacus along with Snigger.

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