Co:pern:ica is the world between earth and Ki:mera, where the 6th book of The Last Dragon Chronicles, named Fire world, took place.


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General Overview'Edit

An apple a day keeps the Ix:cluster away.


What is history? We who are blind, yet see with our hearts, can hope to fathom the multiverse.


Not much is known about the Creation of Co:pern:ica. However the reason for it's creation is stated in

This post has been Re:moved. Please consult the higher for further details.Edit

The Great ReductionEdit

Post ReductionEdit

Post FloodEdit


The Aunts have ordered a Re:moval of this post due to its in:accuracy.Edit

The AuntsEdit

The Aunts are a group of women who serve the Higher and help run Co:pern:ica. However there is a conspiracy within the organisation which aims to take control of Co:pern:ica from the Higher, focused around the Aunt:Superior, Gwyneth. In Fire World they are the much more present body in 'real life' and it could be argued they had already achieved control.

Jobs it is known the Aunts do:Edit
  • Assesses couples to decide whether they are suitable to have a child
  • Order Re:movals
  • Medically assesses people and prescribe treatments
  • Supervise Re:movals
  • Monitor and censor the press (as can be inferred from Mathew's Re:moval)

Politics of the Dead LandsEdit

Post Flood situationEdit

After the Flood, it was dry.


A useless degree that will get you nowhere. At least you can ponder the hopelessness of your situation.

Role in the TimelineEdit