Eliza Merriman is the alternitive of Liz Pennykettle. She has red hair and green eyes like Liz. She is first mentioned in Fire World. She is David Merrimans mother and Harlan Merrimans wife. She seems to be devoted to her children, husband and gardenara. She always dreamed of animals like firebirds who swam on water, this was a vision of ducks. When she wanted to apply for another chilld she said she wanted traces of firebird auma in her. Aunt Gwenth refused but she was applyed to become an aunt.

It was later reveled that Agwain was her father and Gwenth was her mother. she was reconstructed days before her 5th spin againsted the wishes of Gwenth.

When the time shifted she met Rosa a second time. Her daughter Penny caused the Librarium to be transfourmed into the ark. This is the last time she is mentioned in the seires.