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Questions reveal in Icefire as Lucy Pennykettle makes a wishing dragon named G'reth and claims it to be David Rain's dragon. Lucy wishes for snow when David realizes that he has a tutorial with Dr. Anders Bergstrom, a Norwegian polar research scientist, who brings up a magic narwal tusk for David to hold. Strangley, his writing dragon, Gadzooks, brings up the name, Lorel. As the secrets of the story of Gawain and Guinevere arise, Liz was shocked by the name, Lorel, and the Pennykettle's cat, Bonnington, was spooked by the snow bear that Lucy and David had made. Eventually, David's college friend, Zanna tells him that Lorel is a polar bear during an E-mail chat. That made Zanna bring a dragon book for David's essay to win a trip to the arctic. While Liz and Lucy go for the craft fair, he decides to bring Zanna to his house and show her a tour. To David's surprise, Gruffen wasn't there to guard the door way. Instead, G'reth was there. Zanna forced David to make a wish about Gawain's Fire Tear. Besides the spikey creations, what made Zanna interest most was a bronze colored egg. Immediately, David (and Gadzooks) sensed that Liz and Lucy were here. At that moment, an old woman who claims to be Aunty Gwyneth steps in to the house with a Pennykettle dragon named Gretel. Meanwhile, Liz and Lucy come home, only for Lucy to be surprised by the potions dragon. Liz bustles things along, by ordering Lucy to prepare the kettle. Privacy shadows over Aunty Gwyneth as she goes upstairs, ordering David to carry the suitcase with him.