Sophie Prentice was David Rain's crush/girlfriend for part of The Fire Within and Icefire. She dies near the end of the fifth book, Dark Fire.

The Fire WithinEdit

Sophie meets the Pennykettle family while she is collecting donations for the Wildlife Hospital. She helps to take care of Conker and Snigger and is therefore well-liked by both David and Lucy.  She, David, and the Pennykettles visit the Library Gardens many times with her to visit Conker. On one such visit, they find Conker dead, and David is so confused by his death, that he starts to push Sophie away.  Later, he makes up with Sophie. She also receives Grace, a listening dragon. The book ends with Sophie and David beginning a relationship.


Sophie is mostly absent from this book, leaving near the beginning to go work on a game reserve in Africa. David reluctantly lets her go, and she is 'replaced' by Zanna, but not without some loyalty to Sophie on David's part. She returns later on to "release his obligation to her", as she puts it. Sophie has been offered a 3-year post on a reserve in Kenya, and decided to break up with David in person as she will not be returning to Wayward Crescent very often. She also takes Grace with her.

Dark FireEdit

For the first time since Icefire, Sophie herself is seen. Lucy receives an email from Sophie, and David goes off to see her. It appears that her work was going well and she had a fiance, Pieter. But due to the fact that her dragon, Grace, was a listening dragon and therefore a beacon to the semi-darklings, the reserve where she worked was attacked and Sophie was killed as well as Grace crying her fire tear.

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