The Fire Ascending is the seventh and final book in the Last Dragon Chronicles.


In the beginning of TFA, Chris D'lacey includes a 20,000 word background to the tale of Guinevere and Gwilanna, it also includes the story of Agawin the religious deity of the dead lands tribe that David's (Co:pern:ica) dad is sent to. Agawin is a seer's apprentice. He meets a Girl named Grella, who is later captured by an Ix named Voss, Agawin successfully rescues Grella but he falls off a cliff and is teleported by Groyne, to Guinevere. Guinevere lives with Gwilanna and says she found her in the ocean. Agawin later talks to Gwilanna and notices a skull in her cave when he questions her about it she gets angry. Gideon arrives with Gawain and Guinevere asks to bring him in. Gwilanna surprisingly is not too happy about the last dragon. Gwilanna says to bring him to the mountain close by. As they travel to the mountain. They meet David and Rosa travelers, from Co:pern:ica and they question them. Gwilanna arives with Groyne having stolen him from Agawin.

They teleport to the Arctic. Gwilanna explains a lot of things and after they talk Agawin is teleported again back to the Kasgerden.

He is back on the cliff but falls off early due to Gwillana's interference using a dragon's claw thus not successful to kill Voss. Firebirds save him and he is turned to Alexa although he doesn't appear to be her fully, she can still talk to him. He/she meets Joseph Henry at the librarium and he gets to see what happened to Grella.

Agawin learns Grella adopted Gwilanna after Agawin's fall. She returns to her village but is soon exiled. She is later captured by the Stygg, a Nomaad and lives long hard years. Her father eventually attempts to rescue her when he gets there she is unrecognizable and he accidentally kills her. Grella's father causes to fully mature and she is upset at him. She kills him and creates Guinevere by draining their auma. Agawin is in the scene as Alexa and as Grellas last thread of auma is drained she sees her/him and dies happy. Guinevere is a female Ix and is about to have the last of the auma but she takes in good auma from Grella and she ends up kind.

After the back story it features characters David and Rosa as they try to stop Voss from breaching the fire eternal. David and Rosa get caught in a time shift they realize Agawin is gone, as is Guinevere. They get caught by the future Lucy and Tam who are now controlled by the Shadow who won the battle of Isenfier because of Gwilanna wishing to save her father Voss. The two are taken to the Tooth of Ragnar where Voss (who was saved by a Time traveling Gwilanna) is using Gwilanna through Zanna to control Gawain and dig to the earth's core. Our heroes also learn Zanna is about to marry Voss.

In the new timeline Erth, Agawin is teleported to Liz, he learns that they are able to imagineer, but in this timeline, Arthur is a cat, and the Pennykettle dragons do not exist. Agawin also learns he is once again a boy, his mother is Zanna and his Grandmother is Liz. While looking around he notices that one dragon remained: The listener. He finds Avrel in the fridge who tells him he must lead the bears to Ingavar, Agawin later dreams of Avrel who tell him the story of when Thoran, the first white bear walked the ice, he looked around for Guinevere, eventually he found her. But she was frozen in ice. When he nudged her hand, cracks appeared over her body, as the cracks formed, small fairies with red hair and green eyes formed. Guinevere smiled before her death. Somewhere later, Gaia was playing with the stars, and eventually created a dragon, but he had no ears. Thoran, left Guinevere's death site, noticed the dragon and snorted at it, which gave him ears. The dragon rolled a snowball and hrred into it, and then gave it to Thoran, as Thoran was about to ask what it was for, the dragon walked away, paw in hand with a fairy. Agawin learns that the Listener is called Ganzfeld and that his name was never mentioned because "to speak his name is to know his power" which Agawin did not. In order attempt to understand, Agawin repeated the name over and over again in the dream, as he awakes with Liz, he finds that he has written the names of the Pennykettle dragons, hence bringing them back to the timepoint. Liz, who is pleased but also saddened to see the dragons (probably due to Gwillana). Agawin asks Liz how he can find Ingavar, though she drifts away, like Ganzfeld, he later realises he must find David, turning back into Alexa, she and the Pennykettle dragons go.

Most of the story features David and Rosa trying to get their ex-friends to remember who they are. David and Rosa are freed when The Arctic water is refrozen by the Pennykettle dragons and Alexa and the ice bears led by Kailar and Avrel, come to kill the Ix and the darklings defending the island.

Rosa then sacrifices herself to save Zanna after David saying he loves Zanna. She rescues her by touching her which makes Rosa disappear but saves Zanna from being controlled by the Ix again. Zanna is shocked by Rosa but she now can hear Gwilanna in the core. Lucy and Tam now appear and they are returned  to normal. They see Joseph who says they will be returned to a normal life. The fight ends in the Quardians of Quantum coming to rewrite the timeline because Voss was going to win the battle. Kalliar who is now dead with Gwilanna who recreates the Arctic and the sybil, the bear and Joseph finally die together.

At the end of TFA we learn that David has been rewritten as the Pennykettles (now called the Merrimans) adopted son and that Liz died in the birth of Joseph Henry who did not survive either. We also learn that the clay dragons are still living like they did before, and Zanna and David still have Alexa.

The book then shifts to her future where Alexa is a famous movie actor who stars in her dads (David) book films  which are supposed to be the Last Dragon Chronicles just how Chris D'lacey wrote them. In the end David goes to Elizabeth's grave and talks to her for awhile, while he's there he encounters Dr. Bergstrom who talks to him awhile about the recent events.David notices the mark of oomara on his forehead. It is also writen that David had supposedly a shard of Icefire in his heart.

In the end David sees Gadzooks in his head which David mentions they haven't written together for awhile. Gadzooks writes on his Pad H--E--L--L--O then appears in Elizabeth's grave and says "Hrrr" to David and blows a perfect smoke ring. The series is finished.

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