The Last Dragon Chronicles is a book series created by Chris 'd Lacey. There are seven books in the series and a guide book along with it.

1. The Fire Within :Edit

A young tenant named David Rain moves in with Liz Pennykettle and her daughter Lucy .  Lucy is obsessed with squirrels, she wants to take care of one named Conker . David notices everywhere there are clay dragons, and when he is given his own, Gadzooks , he notices the clay dragons are like no other. Along with Gadzooks, they attempt to save Conker and Snigger .

2. Icefire : Edit

It has been two weeks since Gadzooks mysteriously wrote "Spikey" on his pad. David along with his new friend Zanna , they discover the legend of Gawain and Guinevere, and anger an evil as old as dragons. But can they atempt discover the secret of Gaia and the Icefire.

3.Fire Star:Edit

David and Zanna are in the Arctic, with no knowing of the mysterious going-on's at home. Everything seems to be holding it's breathe for the comming of the fire star. But the evil sybl Gwilanna has plans to rise the mighty Gawain, and as they attempt to stop her, there will be sacrifices.

4. The Fire Eternal:Edit

It has been five years since David mysteriously disappeared in the Arctic. Zanna, along with her daughter Alexa, have been noticing strange things, things not seen since 5 years back. Everyone is convinced that David is dead, but Lucy doesn't think so. Along with a new friend: Tam, they discover the truth about David, and the beings called the Fain .

5. Dark Fire:Edit

David has returned from the arctic, along with a trace of dark fire, the most deadly force in the universe. The Pennykettles begin to unravel the evil Ix 's plans, along with Gwilanna's. The dragons are beginning to rise again, but the darklings are as well.

6. Fire World:Edit

The Pennykettles have disappeared mysteriously. In a new universe, David Merriman, along with his friend Rosa are called from acbcnvbncvncvncvncvnbcvncvncvncvnvncvncnvbncvross the universe. But as they attempt to help, a new being enters their peaceful world, and a new age begins.

7.The Fire Ascending:Edit

Agawin has died trying to save the dragon Galen, but somehow he ends up with a woman, named Guinevere. He learns all about Gwilanna's past, and her future. He learns the evil Ix won the war, and turned the Pennykettles evil. It's up to him and Joseph Henry to save the future of the planet, If they fail, all is lost.

Guide book: Rain and FireEdit

Rain and Fire is a companion to the Last Dragon Chronicles. It tells all about Chris and his ideas.