The firebirds guard the tapestry of Isenfier on the 108th floor of the Bushley Librarium. The tapestry shows a scene from the battle of Isenfier. There is 5 people in the picture(Alexa/Angel, Zanna/Rosa, David/David, Tam/Mathew and Lucy/Penny) by a hill with dragons in the sky. Alexa/Angel is holding a smaller dragon that is writing something on a pad of paper . All the trees around them are dead, and Lucy/Penny is holding a cat/katt. When the firebird Aurielle gets her claw stuck the tapestry at the end of Fire World, she pulls on a thread and changes the image. Gwyneth/Gwilanna appears on the hill, smiling and waving goodbye, as a result of her use of Gawain's claw to revive herself on Earth. David is shown being pulled into the shadow of the Ix after said change.