My first ever story, let alone fanfiction, outside of education. Critique welcome.

I do not own any of this story. This is Chris D'lacey's world. I claim no rights to this work.

The book is set after The Fire Acending, but in Co:pern:ica, whose future Chris left unresolved at the end of book 6.

If confused leave a message for me on my talkpage. I will try to update asap.

Each chapter has a song that I think 'fits'. Listen if you wish.

The beggining might seem slow but it will pick up, I promise.

This book will be written naturaly, I will not plan. I don't know the ending.

Here we go:


Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, called conscience.

George Washington

Chapter one: Acorns and algebra


Ash sat at his desk. As had happened so many times when studying algebra he felt his mind begin to wander. Though today for the first time in five or six years it went back to his name. Ash Loveguard.Not only did it mean he was tease mercilessly about ‘Pokémon’, it did not do a very good job of describing him. He was tall for his fifteen years, but slim. Hair worn shoulder length, fiery red and eyes of brown, flecked with green.Thick dark eyebrows, almost black and a ‘roman emperor’s nose’. Fairly nondescript mouth and ears. Singularly all these features would look if striking, even handsome, but together they were, well… odd. Add this to a brain as fast as flash flood and as odd as a pink elephant and even he could see why girls stayed away from him. Loveguard, my foot. Actually he was friends with many girls; he got on with them better, because he treated them as human not just meat, but no further. Despite his attempts.

With this his mind changed course, thinking about Serena. Eyes of a deep sky blue, hair like ripe cornfields not wavy, but not quite straight, a perfect sun like smile and, though he hardly dared admit it, a simply stunning figure. But she was kind and witty, modest, clever, athletic; the list could go on forever he thought. It’s like acorns. From one tiny seed a massive world, home to so many species, could grow. He let his mind drift again, and was surprised to see a…

‘Ash’ his teacher cried ‘I am convinced you haven’t been listening to a word I’ve said. So tell me, what’s the answer?’

‘Polar bear?’ Ash said promptly, if in a confused voice.

‘WHAT?’ hooted Mrs. Bekette, as the rest of the thirty strong class either boggled at him, dissolved into heaps of laughter or both.‘NO. STAY BEHIND! The answer for those who seem to think this is biology is this: h=32’.

Ash sighed and put bears aside, turning to face a much more tangible problems.

A double sided sheet of them.

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